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It’s time to rediscover who you were always meant to be, to fall in love with that beautiful soul, and to think, feel, speak, and act with greater intention, love and confidence!

The intuitive messages and nudges we receive are guidance on nourishing and maintaining our ideal body, on making decisions confidently, on blossoming in our relationships, on manifesting financial abundance, on pursuing our creative passions and on finding our purpose… the more we listen the more effortless, fulfilled and peaceful we can be.

Through mindful self-discovery exercises, journalling, breathwork, meditation and energetic practices, we can recalibrate holistic health, vitality, balance and EASE in our bodies and minds.

Living mindfully and with self-awareness, self-love and trust,

Living mindfully and with self-awareness, self-love and trust,

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Dana is committed to helping you break these cycles by guiding you to strengthen the connection between your mind and body. On your journey together, she will guide you to uncover your truth, decipher what’s best for you, turn inward for affirmation and direction, and start living with vibrant health, belief in yourself, and heart-full alignment.

When we begin to bridge the gap between mind and body, we can experience holistic healing and more ease and flow in every decision and action. When we start to look in-ward and rediscover our intuition, the inner compass that lives inside of each of us, everything changes. are not alone. are not alone.

Drowning in the chaotic sea and negativity of your mind

Staying quiet or have difficulty expressing yourself for fear of judgement or criticism

Always looking for guidance outside of yourself and, thus, your actions just don’t feel ‘right’

Unsure of who you are or what you want

Uncomfortable in your skin or have anger or shame towards your body

Living with chronic physical pain, illness or discomfort

If you are...

They simply don’t feel like ‘themselves,’ they wish they could have a different body or life and, often, the choices they made, perhaps to please others, weren’t ones that actually please them...almost as though they were living someone else’s life.

The majority of women today fight feelings of shame, guilt, and inadequacy when they fail to meet the expectations from themselves or others. 

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EMBODY is a unique and personalised 1:1 coaching program grounded in self-discovery, intuitive awakening, and mindfully-led wellness principles. By the end of this 6 week coaching journey, you will find your way ‘home’ to your body, mind, and spirit using your intuitive compass – and fall deeper in love with yourself than ever before!

EMBODY, my signature 1:1 coaching program

Discover ways to mindfully transform your health, and your life

Discover ways to mindfully transform your health, and your life

Gina Faubert, International Life Coach & Founder of Radiant Girls

“Immediately upon meeting Dana, anyone can see she has an enormous heart and a passion for serving others. She is knowledgeable, grounded in science, but also very intuitive and present — an unusual combination. The girls at Radiant Girls events are drawn to her quiet and calm, nurturing, and loving nature. She was the favourite speaker at our virtual youth wellness events, and is my go-to expert for girls with food issues, and body problems."

Dana is a gem in the rough of self-proclaimed experts.

— Sarah M., past client

“Dana is creative and a forward thinker focusing on holistic care and health practices. She is friendly, calm and motivating. My favourite part about working with Dana was her attention to detail. She provided me with a fitness plan and health recipes that supported my immune system and healing body. She also assisted the visualization of what I was looking for in a dream home. After working with Dana I felt stronger, healthier and more confident.

Dana asked just the right questions to get a better picture of who I am and what I was needing for my health.

— Catherine D., Calgary, AB

“Dana has obviously put in the hours of sit time and think time to craft effortless and nurturing meditations. She gently guides you through the sea of your mind using powerful analogies and visualizations, with a magnetizing pace and rhythm and asking contemplative questions. Her curated sessions have allowed me to feel more connected with my world and my own inner peace."

 Articulate and poignant, each of Dana's meditations are worth every single second of mindfulness.

— Tracy Slobodian, Calgary, AB

“All I can say is “wow!” Listening to Dana's meditations gets me back to my center and grounds me again. It allows me to breathe, take a step back and re-focus the negativity into calm. Thank you! Your energy is just what I need in my life.”

Dana has such a way with words to make me feel calm and relaxed even in the midst of anxiety or panic.

Transformation stories

Transformation stories


ROOTED IN ZEN isn't your average introduction to meditation training.
By the end of this 6 week 'live' training, you will have crafted YOUR perfect meditation and embodiment practice - one that is fun, playful, emotional, harmonious, peaceful...or however YOU desire...
Leave behind practices that feel stale, stressful, that need to look/feel a certain way and that are simply not aligned with what you are navigating, manifesting or desiring in your life.
IMAGINE... how might it feel to have a practice that brings you immense joy and that empowered and uplifted each and every single day??
Within R.I.Z. we'll explore powerful tools, practices + strategies to become unshakeably rooted and radiant in YOUR peace and power!!


Discover ways to mindfully transform your health, and your life



Your body is an electrical circuit. The key is that when you discover how to fire up and strengthen the lines of connections between mind, body and soul, you can harness this power to amplify your personal intuition, healing abilities and clarity...and...your life WILL change!

During 90-minute 1:1 Awaken sessions with Dana you will learn how to open the channels of communication to your body-mind with a blend of meditation, breathwork, hypnosis, mindfulness and embodiment practices.

You'll feel grounded, empowered and deeply connected to your true self, and will have tips and tools  to continue to tap into your intuitive wellness, healing and self-love long after the session.

awaken Your intuition

awaken Your intuition

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The guided meditations and breathwork available in this library can support you on your journey towards mindfulness, self-compassion and inner serenity. These short 10 to 20 minute videos can be easily integrated into your self-care daily routine and are available for FREE for download.

Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Guided Meditation & Breathwork

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I created my coaching programs and offerings, guided meditations and breathwork, and The Inspiring Co podcast because I wish that similar resources had existed when I began my own health and mindful living journey. Here you’ll find the tools I turn to every day to check-in with myself, to reset, to nourish and ground myself — emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. They also help me cultivate mindful connection and meaningful contribution in my communities and as an environmental steward each and every day.

Consider me your biggest cheerleader and companion on your journey to self-love and wellness, empowerment, conscious living, and connection!

Intuitive Wellness Coach

Dana Readings here,

Dana Readings here,