It’s time for you to rediscover and reconnect with who you were always meant to be.

It’s time to learn how to listen to her, feel her, know what she needs and desires and blossom into a radiant and strong evolved version of her.

It’s time to fall in love with that beautiful soul and cherish ‘her’ like no one ever has.

It’s time to finally BE her!

You have always known who you are.
You simply strayed from BEING her.

This signature, personalized coaching program is all about self love, embodiment, holistic wellness and intuition. Work with Dana 1:1 through coaching calls and mindful practices to boost connection, mindfulness, confidence, vitality, and joy in every area of your life!

EMBODY Coaching for intuitive and holistic wellness

EMBODY Coaching for intuitive and holistic wellness

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Sound like you? 

Sound like you? 

You’ve struggled with loving your body or feel like you’re always ‘battling’ your body to feel or look a certain way

You’ve never felt worthy of living a healthy, successful, connected, or joyful life 

You want freedom from the fear of criticism, of looking bad, or of judgement

You want to stop blocking yourself from following your dreams

You want to feel fully expressed - heard, seen and loved

Deep down, you really want to break through the illusionary walls, your own self-sabotaging and unserving ways, and your fears to live a life free of struggle, pain, and self-hate

You want to cultivate vibrant, holistic health and, courageously, embody and express your sacred truth, and, step into your life full of purpose and self-love.

EMBODY may be the right choice for you if…

exclusive meditations and breath work,

energetic and movement practices to strengthen your mind-body connection and connect to the feminine goddess within you,

mindfulness and journalling prompts to enhance your awareness of the wisdom and information around and within you,

culinary nutrition tips on how to optimally and holistically nourish your mind and body,

NLP and hypnosis techniques to anchor in behaviours and reprogram beliefs, and,

Support throughout your 6-week journey as you remember your natural, intuitive self!

Total Investment: $1551

One 45 mins intake call, weekly exercises, 6x 30 mins check-in calls with certified coach, Dana, over 6 weeks, and, one follow-up call after the program is over

Your EMBODY program will be a fully personalized blend of:

The Breakdown

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FREE 10-15 mins meditations

Search the library to find the perfect meditation or breathwork exercise.

Meditations and breathwork for download on-demand

Meditations and breathwork for download on-demand

You have two ways to uncover more about your unique design:

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom teachings, including Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, the Kabbalah as well as modern science like Quantum Physics and Genetics. Human Design serves to provide insight into your unique energetic DNA. It equips you with knowledge and tools so that you have greater self-awareness and more self-sovereignty to manifest and flow through your life with ease and success. Your design is rich with tools to align you with your true nature so that you can confidently step into your highest potential.

Discover Your Unique Human Design

Discover Your Unique Human Design

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Are you nodding your head?

Are you nodding your head?

You sometimes feel lost, misunderstood or you simply want to to perform at your highest potential (and with greater ease!)
Everything seems more difficult than it ‘should’ be

Sometimes you react to things and don’t understand why you have those feelings

You want to start recognizing your impulses and desires and be equipped to effectively and effortlessly channel them into action

You want to stop second-guessing yourself

You want to learn how to communicate with others with more confidence

You feel stuck in your life or want to learn how to ‘find’ your purpose

A Human Design reading may be the right choice for you if…

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A 60 min call with Dana to empower you to leverage your unique gifts and live by YOUR divine design

Total Investment: $369

A deep dive into your unique energetic blueprint, complete with guidance about your emotional, psychological, and energetic makeup and the types of environments where you thrive best. 

On the call, we will explore your design, extract all sorts of juicy details, and discuss various actionable tips to help you form relationships, make decisions, pursue your dreams, eat and move according to your type, and identify emotional and physical cues that will allow you to move through your life with more ease and in alignment with your highest truth.

Human Design 1:1 READING

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This guide explains how you operate in the world by describing some of the overarching elements of your design - what your type, your strategy, your authority, things to be aware of and a few tips on how you can navigate through your life with more ease and confidence!

It will take Dana 3-4 weeks to prepare your comprehensive design analysis

Total Investment: $99

A high-level summary that reveals a few key aspects of your blueprint — your own unique ‘user’s manual.’ 

Human Design Blueprint

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